Buying A Used Phone In Dubai: Do’s And Don’ts

If you’re the geek type, like me, you like the thought of owning the most recent Android smartphone. Regrettably, occasionally our budgets could possibly get in the way of our goals, and flagship devices may cost as much as  AED 3,000 these days.

For people who’re discount shopping for our next smartphone, a number of the usual routes include getting a mid-range device that also provides a fair punch, retaining an eye out for sales, and finding a deal on a manufacturer-refurbished handset. But yet another excellent way to score a great deal is by buying a used phone.

The following will help you through the procedure for getting a solid used smartphone, and while written mainly with phones in mind, most steps also need to apply to tablets. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Understand what you’re searching for

You should know what you need for before you start purchasing. This doesn’t suggest you must have an exact model chosen, though.

Begin by determining the minimum specs you are searching for and the Android version you’re prepared to deal with. Also feel about what screen size will meet your requirements, and how much you really can afford to invest. This absolutely should define your alternatives to a number of used smartphones.

Know where you can buy from

Have a very good handle on what you are searching for and how much you need to spend? Now it’s time to determine where to buy your next used mobile. There are numerous possibilities, but I’ll suggest buying from Used Mobile Dubai as It’s the best used phone seller in Dubai.

Checking the phone

Initially, this part may appear to be used only to those buying a mobile  in person. On the other hand, the following are also useful when you are getting the phone in the mail. They are going to assist you to discover problems early, so that you can either leave behind the deal when buying a used phone face-to-face, or start the entire process of getting your money back if you already bought it.

Stuff to bring with you for the inspection:

A battery pack or a laptop, as well as a charging cable

A microSD card if the phone supports it


An active SIM card that is compatible with the phone you are testing

Even so, there aren’t any guarantees when purchasing a used phone. Don’t allow that to frighten you away though. I know lots of people who buy used phones on a regular basis online and have by no means run into a problem. Certain, I also know a few that got ripped off, but they could have avoided it by following the advice presented in this post.

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