The Best Choice When Shipping Is Plastic Crates

When you are shipping things on a regular basis you want to be using the best material you can that will help make your life easier and will increase your productivity. The best choice for shipping material is plastic crates and the reasons why are pretty impressive.

Why Plastic Crates are the Best Choice

Plastic crates are a smart alternative to traditional wooden crates because they are heavy duty, easy to clean, reusable, save money and are resistant to things wooden crates are susceptible to.

They are Heavy Duty


Because of the durability of plastic, plastic crates can be thrown around, and often times are thrown around, and can get scratched up but it will continue to perform its duty for years beyond other crate materials like wood which can break, splinter or crack if you don’t handle it carefully.

They are Easy to Clean

When cleaning plastic the only really necessary thing is to get soap, water and a rag and just wipe it down and let it dry.

They are Reusable

Plastic crates are 100% recyclable and are made out of 100% recycled material so they will always be of use to someone and can be used for shipping things all over the world for years with the average lifespan of a plastic crate being around 10 years.

They Help You Save Money

Because of the fact that they are 100% recyclable and made out of recycled material the price of plastic crates is significantly higher than other crate materials like wood or steel but because of their long lifespan and their durability and ease of use using plastic crates can save you money over time since you will not have to be replacing your crates every few years and can focus on the products you are shipping instead of your shipping containers.

They are Resistant to a Lot of Things

Plastic crates are resistant to moisture, mold, insects, odors and chemicals making them the ideal choice for shipping various kinds of products without worrying about them getting contaminated or destroyed by moisture and other things that wooden crates are extremely susceptible to which could end costing you a significant amount of money if the products being shipped were to be damaged.

When you are shipping, although the upfront cost may be a bit much, realize that the best choice you can make when shipping is to choose plastic crates. They will save you money and help maximize your storage space while reducing waste.


The Most Durable Containers For Shipping

Almost any kind of shipping requires tough packaging and 100% guarantee that your goods reach the end customers in the same shape and quality as was initially made to order with the right standards. This is especially true in case of food items like bakery goods, the poultry and also in case of heavy items which require a strong support to withstand its weight and also provide a protective covering

The temperature and other alternating conditions in transit

During International shipments, the transit journey starts from sorting, picking, assembling and stacking the containers packed with the goods to be shipped. The transit journey can be a longer one or it can be a shorter one too. However, the nature can propel some unforeseen weather changes like heavy rains leading to flooding of the deck , or sometimes there are also calamities like Earthquake. A person exporting the items needs to be equipped with proper packaging to avoid enormous losses. This is possible with the help of durable containers made of plastic. The plastic is made of propylene and polypropylene, and the containers are made rigid to bear a certain amount of weight. When goods up to the said weight limit are nestled inside, there is hardly any chance of breakage or damage requiring repairs. These also come with superior quality lids which prevent moisture and leakage even during accidents and calamities as they remain intact with proper plastic hinges. There are no additional tapes required like in case of wooden boxes and containers. There are proper labels; colors for identifying the goods, hence no need for markers too.


The plastic containers can withstand temperature changes, which in turn prevents the overheating or freezing of the goods inside and keep them at room temperature. The plastic floor space in the container is also solid in nature with interlocking rails for proper grip, so that there is not much movement of the goods inside due to vibrations. This is especially helpful for cakes and such bakery items, as it helps prevent crumbling of bread or spoiling of eggs and such biodegradable products.

Advantage of plastic over other materials

The pharmaceutical products also require hard casings which are provided by these plastic containing which besides being clean and hygienic are also reusable and have eco friendly qualities of recyclability. The metal containers are subjected corrosions and the wooden ones catch fire easily. All these problems are contained with plastic containers. With proper padding and pressure balancing, the plastic containers can be used to reduce the forceful impacts caused during transit. The nonchalant attitude of many businessmen who use wooden boxes just to save cost suffer heavy losses as it is less durable and also is minus many protective shield advantages.

The Unavoidable factor

When it comes to shipment of goods, durability of the packaging cannot be given a blind eye. It needs to be definitely looked into. Hence, buy durable containers which are FDA approved and also test the packaging before using or buying. The innovative designs which fit your product and maintain it must be chosen.

Plastic Crates: The Best Choice When Shipping

Shipping is an ongoing activity with both domestic as well as international shipping opportunities opening up with the advent of Globalization. The various modes of transportations like ship, planes, trucks and so forth enable the safe delivery of the goods. However these goods cannot be hauled without packaging. The plastic crates have nowadays created a safer and a more efficient packaging choice for many goods and industrial products.

Voluminous stuffing

The plastic crates are stackable on one hand and also have a lot of nesting space with proper tight lids which prevents the things from moving in transit and a high volume of things can be stuffed. The durable quality of polypropylene used also leads to the packaging being tensile with little chances of breaking and tearing off. The cleanliness is never apathy with plastic containers. They are easy to maintain and cleaned.

Multipurpose uses


The plastic containers, like the ones mentioned above, can also be used for a variety of other goods like CD’s, Books, automotive parts and also many others. These are used in many industries like pharmaceutical industries, aerospace, manufacturing industries which manufacture medium weighing products up to 1500 pounds and have a befitting size. There are many dimensions in sizes available in these plastic containers.

All inconveniences nullified

The wooden or corrugated boxes undergo temperamental changes when exposed to moisture and become easy victims to fungi and bacteria. Also, there is a tendency to stink over a period of time. These are very heavy and hence it is excessive labor demanding. The widen crates are use and throw options and also are subjected to repairs often, these have fasteners and also the things cannot be stacked neatly inside. The sharp corners act like knife for many goods which lose its marketability. Some goods also catch moisture especially food products. The most important part of shipping is fast and appropriate delivery as ordered and if not there are rejections and returns and sometimes even loss of customers. There are also not many size options. Though plastic is costly, it is recyclable and reusable and hence it is worth the value. The plastic has overcome many of the deficiencies above and in effect has surpassed in the benefits ratio too as compared to wood and many other material packages.

The handling advantages

The overall cost advantage is what a shrewd businessman should look at. Initial cost of plastic should never turn off for the people, if it is they are missing on its various advantages. The rims and the handles and labels and color coding make sorting and picking and assembling activities and also at the same look appealing to the eyes. Some can be attached with trackers to track the delivery in the logistics system.

The prototyping advantage

The most significant evolution in the world of plastic packaging is that sometimes the readily available containers may not suffice for certain products with different height and weight in which case new dimensions are made to order by first developing prototypes and then moulds out of these.

Where Can I Buy Plastic Lids For Transport Crates?

The plastic crates require proper befitting plastic lids for certain goods, stored for transportation to preserve its quality. The plastic containers like crates and pallets are in many ways one of the best shipping containers with many advantages and total satisfaction and cost effectiveness.

Surprising multiuse

The plastic being versatile has not only restricted the containers to shipment usage but has furthered the imagination of many people to use it in marketing the products in the transparent plastic units properly clasped with tight lids, which look appealing due to the systematic and neat appearance. Also, the lids are removable and hence they can be removed whenever they want. When the plastic containers are stacked one over another there is no lid required. Messy home also gets a neat look with these containers used to store a number of home appliances, small equipments of everyday use, toys, etc. Thus, it can be used to accessorize and also as a storage medium other than shipping purpose and plastic lids add to significant value in its utility.

Knock at the right door without compromising quality

When buying plastic containers which are normally an expensive buy over wooden crates, it is necessary to check the suppliers selling it. Nowadays, there are many online sites of these plastic-based solutions and hence it is easy to review the sites in various online platforms. The best ones are reasonably priced and also have FDA approved containers. Choose smart companies which are green in business orientation and also are ahead in terms of research and development, have prototypes, and such advantages, specially designed for your products besides the normal standard products. The strength of the packaging is enhanced with superior lids, which are designed in a way that enables stacking, as they are also resistant to corrosion, heat and extreme temperatures. These must have proper hinges or taped to prevent accidental openings. The ruggedness will prevent breakages too.

Fulfillment of incompleteness

Be it bread containers, or nestable ones or automotive or even the chicken load drawers made of plastic these are incomplete without lids, hence, choose the suppliers which understand your industry needs and design the lids accordingly with holes or ridges for air ventilation in some cases or some others airtight to prevent leakage. Some of the containers like those used for poultry also require side doors besides a good height lid for the vertical space requirements of the full sized chicks inside. Since the plastic containers are reusable and recyclable, choose suppliers who will readily accept the packaging material along with the lid back on completion of its life span. Ergonomically designed handles on the plastic lids add more convenience.

Settle for Innovative suppliers

Innovative suppliers always come with new designs with additional utility features which reduce cost. The plastic lids are quintessential component which are available in sizes ranging in 800×1200 or 800×600 which also mostly are standardized according to international standards of shipping and are light weight and easy in transit operation even on automated lifting systems.

Shipping Options: Plastic vs. Wood

Over the last couple of years, a war is going on between the manufactures of wood and plastic shipping containers.The two chief options for shipping are plastic and wooden. Both sides have its own benefits and the hazardous facets. Wood pallets are repairable, less costly, replaceable, biodegradable and also renewable whereas plastic are more durable, no health risk, more environmental friendly, light weight, and durable. Wood may be the traditional and old system but plastic is gaining acceptance since past few years. For shipping overseas you must know all the rules and regulation and it is necessary to familiarize yourself with ISPM 15 code regulations.When it comes to deciding which one is better among plastic vs. wood, many factors to be considered like cost, fire safety, flexibility and product safety.

Tips between choosing wood or plastic


Shipping containers form the most essential part for export or imports of commodities. When goods are transported from one place to another then extreme care has to be taken to prevent it from spoiling or getting damaged. Choosing of plastic or woods depends totally on the requirement of goods to be transported. If shipment weighing 1500 pound or less, plastic pallets is required, whereas woods are most suitable for heavy items weighing 1500 to 3000 pounds. As compared to wooden, an average plastic pallet weighs 25-30 % less, which is a major advantage for saving in airfreight price. Any business’s ultimate decision making tool is none other than price. Plastic containers are three time costly as compared to wooden but at the same time it can be recycle and has very long service so it is seems costly but it is value for money .

Important point for plastic and wooden options

The plastic pallet is good news for environment as it can be recyclable and it doesn’t require cutting down trees that wood pallets do.In addition to all plastic vs. wood argument, the most important point to be considered is when you purchase plastic, make sure to understand the fire codes.Woods is 100 per cent recyclable and biodegradable which plastic is not. Plastic shipping containers can be easily clean, bug free, have high level of flammability and do no use fasteners that could damage the shipment. It also resist to water absorption, making it ready for shipment of pharmaceuticals and food products.The main problem with wooden is when it gets wet, the problem of bacteria and fungus arises. But wooden pallets are least expensive, the major reason for people opting for this type of shipping options.

How does a company choose the shipping option?

Woods the most preferred choice in United States but now large percentage of shipping company prefer plastic for moving goods. Many businesses are switching to plastic because of its longer service life than of wooden.When it comes to food transportation or perishable items, plastic shipping containers has the advantage, as it improve sanitation, does not retain odour, can be cleaned and washed, resistance to insects and disease and unaffected by moisture.For many companies choosing a shipping container depends totally on end product. Ultimately the shipper must choose the wise option for undamaged and smooth delivery of products to buyer.